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Proper rest and recovery between workouts is as important as the workouts themselves.   A lack of progress toward goals can often be traced back to poor recovery planning and a lack of rest/sleep.    Lack of recovery time can also increase your risk of over training injuries and burnout.

Rest and Recovery


As the expression goes, "You can't out exercise a bad diet".   The battle over you body and your fitness program is won or lost in the kitchen.    A balanced fitness program must include nutritional guidelines to be successful.  Knowing what you are putting into your body, and in what quantity is key.  The right combination of Macro Nutrients (Protein, Carbs, Fats) coupled with a good multi-vitamin are the right first steps.  From there - you can tailor your intake to support your body on the days you exercise based on the type of exercise you perform. Simple plans are the easiest to follow - so you won't have to go overboard planning.

The key components of Fitness

Resistance Training is a must for anyone wanting to improve their fitness level.   Simply put -  muscle burns fat!   Ladies, don't fear resistance training - it is very hard for women to "bulk up".  Toning and tightening is the key to a better body.    There are so many options for resistance - your body weight, cable machines, free weights or resistance bands.   Resistance training can be the most difficult part of training for many, but with these options, the right choice can make all the difference in your results.

Flexibility Training is a must to keep you body working effectively and reduce the risk injury.  The right type of stretching at the right time of your workout will yield faster recovery, protect from injury, and improve your functional capacity.  


Fitness and Weight loss In Mullica Hill

Resistance Training


Key to your aerobic capacity and a healthy heart - cardio is a core component of a balanced fitness program. Whether you run, bike, swim, kickbox, or wrestle alligators, cardio conditioning is critical to a healthy fit lifestyle.

Welcome to Mullica Hill Fit.   I am a personal trainer dedicated to helping you set and meet your fitness goals.   My approach is a simple one.   You set your goals, and with your feedback, I develop an individualized training program based on the 5 key components of fitness training.  Then, I help you work that program to meet your goals.   

I provide help with motivation through achievable but evolving goals, regular progress monitoring, and dynamic plans that avoid the boredom and monotony that often lead you to give up on your goal.