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​​​​​Mullica Hill Fit

Personal fitness Training in Mullica Hill, NJ and surrounding areas

If you suffer with chronic pain, your day to day activities can be limited.   Lack of activity can lead to more pain and the cycle of inactivity and pain can spiral out of control.   Weight Management, Flexibility and Diet are critical factors in the management of chronic pain.    For most clients, an extremely slow start to exercising again, coupled with flexibility training can help break the cycle.     

For my pain management clients, I use a variety of gentle warm-up exercises, very light weight resistance training, and stretching to build initial capability and capacity for exercise and then SLOWLY build on accomplishments to further progress.   The plans I create are custom to your specific pain, location, and tolerence for exercise.   

Progress can be slow - but it can be made.   I am happy to provide references for you.