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Cancer Recovery Programs

If you have had recent surgery for cancer, you have probably been told that you need to get moving as soon as possible after initial medical clearance.  

Exercise after cancer surgery is a necessary part of regaining your health.   Muscle imbalance due to various "flap" surgeries, surgical incisions and muscle cuts, the effects of chemo, radiation and other treatments all must be addressed to assist you in regaining your strength, mobility, and ability to perform the activities of daily living.  If you have had lymph nodes removed, or radiation therapy, you are at risk for lymphoedema and special precautions are necessary in your program.

As a Cancer Recovery Exercise Specialist, I can help create a program that integrates with the aspects of your life that you must manage during recovery.   Once you are medically cleared, brief sessions of very light stretching, are indicated.  After you have regained flexibility of the affected parts of your body, you will begin to gradually strengthen them and build up your cardio capacity.   The process can be lengthy, but is critical to your quality of life and overall health.

If you have an upcoming surgery, and have medical clearance, starting with an exercise program ahead of surgery can help your post-surgical recovery.   As with any client - you specific situation is what drives the program specifics and I offer free consultations to all interested clients.

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