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Personal fitness Training in Mullica Hill, NJ and surrounding areas

Women face many unique issues when it comes to exercise.   Trying to balance your life demands (work, family, fitness) can be a stressful process.   Stress unto itself makes your body react negatively in terms of your fitness and body image.   Cortisol (a stress hormone) is known to cause fat to accumulate in the lower abdomen.   Age and diet choices can reduce calcium levels in the body and may cause osteoporosis.  Poor posture at work and added weight can cause your back to slump and shoulders to round.   Add to these factors the many myths about diets, wonder workouts, strength training for women, and you have stress and confusion about your health and fitness.


Finding the right program to assess your current state, setting reachable short term goals, establishing the long-term goals, and then building a program to meet them on your own is difficult.   Finding the motivation to keep going, to work through the early sessions and establish fitness habits is made easier with professions help and guidance.     My job is to ensure you have the best plan, based on your needs, and that you will get maximum results from every minute you spend on your fitness.